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About These Movies

These movie trailers span more than 100 years of Human video production, in the art of "fiction," specifically "alien contact science fiction."
Some of these are so poor they are embarssing, even to other humans, even for the time they were crafted.

About one in 20 is quite good.

Elyson 65'

The majority are not science fiction at all, but either horror, comedy or unintended comedy.
The careful observer will notice that, though the craft of movie making has changed considerably over the decades, and the "set of reality" keeps advancing along with acting, direction, and cinematic aesthetics, nevertheless the stories themselves have changed very little from their earliest days.

These stories, then, are a serious clue to essential Human psychology, which has not changed appreciably in 1,000's of years.
The truly new story is a very rare event, is usually regarded as "highly successful" and can be seen to have often profound (if temporary) influences across Human culture, not only in the "movie-going nations." Yet, truly new stories are often regarded as risky by those who fund these projects.

Go figure.
About one movie in 30 expresses any solid science, even that within the human grasp. Even the best of these movies are not without science "howlers" (under 10 exceptions in the entire 100 year collection).
We have limited the list to those movies invovling aliens ( Us! ), naturally, but these observations apply equally well to all Human sci-fi and sci-fantasy entertainments.

-- MIB Chief Archivist

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